Curanderos de los Maya

Curanderos de los Mayas - trailer from Matthew Levie on Vimeo.

A trailer for "Curanderos de los Mayas," a half-hour documentary about the healers of Mexico's Maya people. I cut the film as well as the trailer.

Five hundred years after the European conquest of Mexico, the institution of the curandero, or healer, continues to survive among the indigenous Maya of the Yucatan peninsula. In fact, many indigenous Mexicans have immigrated to the United States and brought their beliefs about health care with them.

The curanderos are older, respected members of Mayan society, experienced herbalists, psychologist, and community leaders. They have integrated many features of Western society into their world: Christianity is an integral part of their practice, and many of them accept a role for Western medicine. Their world is vibrant, ancient, wise, and colorful, but fast disappearing.

The entire film can be purchased here.